“Art does not reproduce what is visible,
but makes visible what is not always so.” -Paul Klee-

Being spectators of a volcanic eruption means to attend an unforgettable show, where sulfur fumes are mixed with the scent of orange blossoms and the landscape becomes symbiosis of sweetness and sourness.
The red color liquid magma runs through the flames. Upon cooling it becomes stone of black and gray color.
The man’s skilled hands shape it and work it up to make a new stone in a lively counterpoint of chromatic effects.
The basalt, or lava rock, is extracted in Sicily from the slopes of Mount Etna, included in the UNESCO World Heritage in 2012, defining it as one of the “the most emblematic and active volcanoes in the world.” A resistant, natural material that can withstand considerable temperatures preserving its characteristics. The craftsmanship, starting from the cutting of he stone to the decoration makes each tile a unique piece of art. A new and free approach to the subject in which the contemporary imprint is linked to a material identified and recognized for centuries. A production totally Made in Sicily.
The union between this strong and natural element and the graphic signs that the city offers, but which are not always visible, marked the creation of the Urban designs for tiles. Pieces of furniture, graphics and signs are the new decoration of the lava stone tiles that from external coverings become coatings for interior spaces.

Designer: Andrea Branciforti

formato: 30*30 cm - spessore 1.2cm tile size 11.81*11.81 inch - thickness 0,47 inch