The "Sgarlata Marmi" was established in 1960 by the  brothers Benedetto e Serafino, after whom the company Is named. This family-run business specialises  in the making and manufacturing of many types of marble, granite  and stone, with particular focus on the local ones such as limestone, pitch and molten rock. The "Sgarlata Marmi" is today the only company in the whole province that can  enamel  the prestigious Etna molten rock  with an undisputed professionalism.any is presently the only Hyblean business in this field capable of enameling the prestigious Etna Lava stone.


The company offers a wide array of services such as the making, cut and engraving of gravestones, utilising highly precise numerical control machines. Other products include, sinks, shower trays, kitchen worktops, street and funerary furniture, semifinished products, shop signs, door numbers, façade coverings flooring etc. A branch of our company it is exclusively specialized in the decoration of the Etna molten rock that is either  handmade or enamelled utilising serigraph techniques and the most advanced furnaces and the finest colours. We also offer photo ceramics.


The company provides its know-how to support the clients and professionals during the design and the realization phases in order to obtain excellent results. To completely meet the clients needs,  we also realize tailor-made pieces of design.

The SGARLATA company also conducts custom-built and bespoke works
to satisfy its customer's needs, directly in its own factory.